Child labor in Uganda

Posted by Eyeing Africa (?, United States) on 3 February 2009 in Documentary & Street and Portfolio.

In rural Uganda, kids often as young as 4 will start to work in the fields with their parents.

Rags from Plano, United States

Such is life.

3 Feb 2009 8:33am

Andrei Dragoi from Ottawa, Canada

nice documentary shot. an almost good triangulation of the kids... an eye catcher... not to mention the bitter necessity of their situation.

3 Feb 2009 7:23pm

Rubén Pinella from Tres Arroyos, Argentina

I like your documentary photographs. Congratulations for this job!

3 Feb 2009 10:31pm

baobab from Cambridge, United States

I'm with Rags on this one...

6 Feb 2009 4:22pm

Hayley from Australia

i cant beleave how people can jusrt wast food and water were i live. i will tell all my friends about this websit i loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 Sep 2009 7:36am

tina from omaha,ne, United States

omg i feel soooooooooooooooooooooooo bad for those kids

25 Mar 2010 6:37pm

asha from kampala, Uganda

we hv 2 pray 4 da young generation....................

20 Apr 2010 7:40pm

Jane from Gulu, Uganda

For surely, man must be ashamed of mistreating a fellow man whether young or old, take a deep breath and ming your actions. Do to others what you want others to do to you!

4 Jan 2011 10:03am

Mayinja from kampala, Uganda

in uganda people a so full of pain and suffering.young child die a very day.more diseasea coming back.we need someone to come and help uganda for more problem bcoz some day people a not eating,all day and tommorow.people killing people day and night.oh my god.

14 Feb 2011 3:26am

Mayinja from kampala, Uganda

mayinjarich [AT] yahoo [DOT] com

14 Feb 2011 3:29am


In Africa we are trained to be hard workers by our parents while still.while 9 i used to dig along side my granny because i wished.Some look at that as child labor but it aint .Iam a happy with what i went through because its making me what iam.

14 Mar 2011 8:39am

ray from culpep, United States

oh my, thats just terrible :/ would ya look at this

15 Mar 2011 12:42pm

frankie from Uganda

our government is doing so little intervention about this and yet so much is spent on government officials who even do nothing. such is the state of an african child and more so a typical ugandan child. lets rise together and do the little we can.

2 Jul 2011 9:04am

nicholas bushaija from Uganda

our government needs to do alot about this disheartening scenario.. parents should also ensure that they produce children they are able to take good care of and defend at all times..such is basically rooted in poverty and ignorance... we ought to come out and adresss the root causes..God bless Uganda.

30 Jan 2012 12:22pm

1/1000 second
ISO 800
10 mm

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